Political Science
The Non-Teaching Staff
The Department aims at promoting an in-depth study of the Assamese language and literature in relation to the cultural traditions of the northeast. It is instilling in the students an interest in other languages and literatures also.
1 Smti Manju Laskar, MA, PhD, Head 94-350-61918
2 Smti Marami Gayan, MA 98-641-60403
3. Sri. Biswajit Das, MA 224183
4 Sri Bipul Malakar, MA (Double), PhD 225126
5 Smti Amiya Pator, MA, Head 225547
Apart from promoting the study of Bengali from its formative stage to the modern times, the department is exploring areas of togetherness with other literatures and languages of the state as well as of the country
1 Smti Deepali Mukherjee, MA, (Head) 254291
2 Smti Jayanti Saha, MA (Double), MPhil 230259
3. Smti. Soma Acharjee, MA 257870
4 Vacant  
The Department encourages students to judge all economic issues from modern and scientific perspectives. It motivates them to go beyond the mild tyranny of the syllabus and take up new issues for investigation.
1 Sri. Biren Ch. Deka, MA, (Head) 258080
2 Sri. Deepak Sarma, MA 98-641-60944
3. Smti. Leena Bora Hazari, MA 257322
4 Sri Kulen Ch. Das, MA 94-353-60973
The Department is familiarizing the students with different theories of education including the latest ones and the various ways of employing the theories into practice. It is encouraging the growth of better self-awareness and sensitivity to others.
1 Smti. Swapna Neog, MA, M.Phil. Head 251235
2 Smti. Jonali Modai, MA 99-541-65144
3 Sri Monuj Chutia, MA 99-540-77051
4 Sri Lohit Payeng, MA 94-352-10330
The Department is acquainting the students with well-known classics as well as the latest experiments in literature. It is familiarizing them with modern concepts like post-modernism, post-colonialism, structuralism, post-structuralism, feminism, and encouraging them to make language-based approaches to literature.
1 Smti. Rita Borah, MA, Head 233076
2 Sri. Jyotirmay Jana, MA, LLB 231826
3. Smti. Muni Kakoty, MA 94-350-60514
4 Sri Prabhat Bora, MA 94-350-62089
5 Smti Rita Talukdar, MA, Diploma in Teaching English (UK) 254267
The Department incorporates into classroom discussion and field study places, things and peoples, both known and unknown, distant and near, and strives to make the unknown easily recognizable and the distant near. It conducts seminars, workshops and social works also.
1 Sri. Tankeswar Bora, MA, BT, Head 94-353-68721
2 Smti. Roselin Jahan, MSc, M.Phil, PhD 231116
3. Sri. Nizamuddin Ahmed, MSc, M.Phil 255167
4 Sri. Jayanta Kumar Sarma, MA, MPhil 94-352-51524
5 Smti. Dibyajyoti Saikia, MA 94-350-61724
The Department admits both Hindi speaking and Non-Hindi speaking students. It is, thus, carrying on a two-fold mission: (i) helping the Hindi speakers to learn their mother tongue in a state where Hindi is not a major language, and (ii) popularizing Hindi among students who speak, at home, languages other than Hindi
1 Sri. Bijoy Prasad Singh, MA, Head 225385
2 Sri. Lalit Borbora, MA 220017
The Department encourages students to maintain total objectivity even while they are engaged in an evaluation of the past in the light of the latest theories. 'Facts are sacred, opinion is free' is the guiding principle of the Department.
1 Sri. Pradip Mohan Duarah, MA (Head) 232876
2 Sri. Sarat Hazarika, MA 225544
3 Sri. Munin Bora, MA 94-350-60780
The Department encourages students to maintain total objectivity even while they are assessing past in the light of the latest theories.
1 Sri. Joydhan Das, MSc (Head), Vice Principal 231179
2 Sri. Meghnath Paul, MSc 252556
3 Sri. Rajen Debnath, MSc 94-351-60980
4 Sri. Dibyajyoti Mahanta, MSc 230974
The Department helps the students to develop their faculty of introspection and a strong sense of inquisitiveness and also to strive after the abiding values of life
1 Sri Gautam Kumar Goswami, MA, Head 254825
2 Dr. Gayatri Devi, MA, PhD 230700
3 Smti Sanchita Bora, MA 257117
4 Smti Namita Kalita, MA 94-351-93420
Political Science
The Department promotes the study of political facts and theories from all possible angles and encourages the students to take humanitarian positions on all social and political issues.
1 Smti. Ranjana Bora, MA, Head 256601
2 Smti. Rosy Deka, MA 251822
3 Sri. Ranjit Baruah, MA 94-350-62675
4 Sri Sankarjyoti Bora, MA 94-353-16602
The Department considers Sanskrit to be an essential tool in tracing the roots of our cultural heritage and using the realities in the outdated texts in understanding the realities of the present.
1 Smti. Manju Jaiswal, MA, MPhil Head 256735
2 Smti. Mira Baruah, MA 257998
3 Smti Sanjita Singha, MA 94-352-67450
4 Sri Gautam Choudhury, MA, MPhil, Vyakaransastri 225125
The Department is infusing life into numbers and making them useful social documents.
1 Smti. Rita Kalita, MSc, MPhil Head 94-350-46640
2 Smti. Kalpana Bhattacharjee, MSc. 254825
3 Sri. Biman Kumar Bhatta, MSc 94-350-68018
  The Non Teaching Staff  
  (excluding the members of the Library Staff)  
1. Shri Tosheswar Khataniar, Supervisory Assistant 276903
2. Sri. Surendra Nath Saikia, Accountant 94-350-62031
3. Sri. Kamal Chandra Muktiar, UDA 224048
4. Sri. Prafulla Bora, LDA 254529
5. Sri. Mohiram Bora, LDA 94-353-61809
6. Sri. Munindra Saikia, LDA 254241
7. Sri. Rabin Ch. Saikia, LDA 94-353-16931
8. Sri. Kulen Ch. Saikia, LDA 94-353-95457
  Grade IV Employees  
1. Sri. Moneswar Rabha 94-353-67397
2. Sri. Ramdeo Singh  
3. Sri. Bogiram Saikia  
4. Sri. Ramchandra Das  
  Laboratory Bearers  
1. Sri. Deben Ch. Saikia Education Laboratory
2. Sri. Tankeswar Saikia Geography Laboratory
3. Sri. Badan Ch. Bhuyan Statistics Laboratory
  Temporary Grade IV Employees  
1. Smti. Bharati Bora  
2. Sri. Bhadreswar Saikia  
3. Sri. Ram Naresh Rai  
4. Sri. Reba Saikia  
5. Sri. Junmoni Saikia  
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